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9:05 PM


  By This is London 01.09.05

      Christopher Eccleston picked the golden eagle. Celebrities have been
      revealing their favourite UK birds. The eagle and puffin were just some of
      those nominated by 10 actors and TV personalities who were questioned by
      the RSPB.

      Unsurprisingly, Billy Boyd, who played Peregrine Took in The Lord of the
      Rings, chose a peregrine.

      "One of my most challenging and yet rewarding roles as an actor was the
      character of Peregrine Took in Lord of the Rings," he said.

      "(He was) a brave but cheery and cheeky character, much like the
      peregrine. So choosing the peregrine has a personal appeal for me as

      Christopher Eccleston, who plays Dr Who in the BBC programme of the same
      name, picked the golden eagle after dreaming about the majestic bird as a
      child, and Top of The Pops presenter Fearne Cotton choose the eagle after
      seeing them fly in America.

      The puffin was favourite with Blue Peter presenter Matt Baker and Really
      Wild Show presenter Michaela Strachan.

      The swallow was top of the bill for wildlife TV presenter Bill Oddie,
      while presenter Nick Baker who is also president of the junior section of
      the RSPB, the RSPB Wildlife Explorers, chose the dipper which he described
      as "dapper, smart and sleek".

      Other celebrities included Charley Webb, teenager Debbie Dingle in
      Emmerdale, who nominated the kestrel; Kate Humble, Springwatch presenter,
      who chose the skylark and presenter Simon Thomas who picked the house

      Derek Niemann, editor of RSPB BirdLife magazine where the research was
      published, said: "When people are asked to pick a favourite of anything,
      the real pleasure is in looking at the alternatives.

      "In the case of birds, there are hundreds of species in the UK to choose
      from. When you choose your favourite bird, you'll be thinking about the
      ones you really like and why. It will make you want to go out and see more

      The RSPB is a UK charity working to secure a healthy environment for birds
      and wildlife.


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