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6:03 PM
"Received this in the email today from DarkUFO reader James.
I was in starbucks the otherday (where i work) and christopher eccleston came in (invisable guy in heroes and dr who star) i asked if he would make a return to heroes he said yes and a return to dr who and he will be a new character in lost last episode of season 4 as a rescuer he will have the last shot in the current season (and is craping it) this was last mont i didnt think anything of it until i read ur post on the spoilers page thanks for a great website have a good one james from manchester
Естественно,фаны ликуют...:)
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Классно конечно,что Крис так "сказал",но как-то все это уж слишком сказочно... wacko biggrin Даже не верится... wacko

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