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Christopher Eccleston - The First Russin
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Т.К В Сэлфорде теперь открыт Театр имени К.Экклестона.То можно слегка позавидовать стедентам колледжа Pendleton,которые пообщались с актёром.
Просмотров: 635 | Добавил: chriseccleston | Дата: 2008-01-24 | Комментарии (3)

Дорогие посетители и гостипоздравляю всех с Новым Годом и Рождеством!
Merry Russian Christmas!And Happy New Year!
Просмотров: 533 | Добавил: chriseccleston | Дата: 2007-12-30 | Комментарии (0)


П.С Merry Christmas

Просмотров: 550 | Добавил: chriseccleston | Дата: 2007-12-25 | Комментарии (0)

Сегодня на российские киниэкраны вышел "Восход Тьмы"("Dark In Rising")
Смотрим и делимся впечатлениями))))
Просмотров: 550 | Добавил: chriseccleston | Дата: 2007-10-25 | Комментарии (3)

Christopher Eccleston doesn't consider himself a hardcore fan of SF, fantasy and horror, but a peek at his credits might prompt one to think otherwise. He's appeared in eXistenZ, The Others, 28 Days Later, The Second Coming, Doctor Who and Heroes, and now he's co-starring in The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising.

Based on the Susan Cooper young-adult book series, The Dark Is Rising features the British actor as the Rider, an evil figure out to destroy Will Stanton (Alexander Ludwig), a 13-year-old boy who's only just learned that he's the last of the ageless warriors called the "Old Ones" and that his fate and actions will determine who wins the ultimate battle between good (the Light) and evil (the Dark). SCI FI Weekly recently spoke with Eccleston about The Dark Is Rising, his ... Читать дальше »
Просмотров: 590 | Добавил: chriseccleston | Дата: 2007-10-04 | Комментарии (7)

У Кристофера новый агент..или агентша,как вам угодно- Claire Maroussas
Просмотров: 516 | Добавил: chriseccleston | Дата: 2007-09-30 | Комментарии (0)

Christopher to join definetly Heroes
I've just been around some Spanish Heroes websites, asking theories about Claude and blah blah blah. Untill they told me is almost confirmed that he's going to be back during the season two and is going to join definetly the cast for "Origins", the next volume.
Праздновать пока рано
Просмотров: 730 | Добавил: chriseccleston | Дата: 2007-09-10 | Комментарии (0)

Christopher Eccleston appears in the first season as a guest star, after quitting Doctor Who so as not to be type cast he enters a role not dissimilar to that of The Doctor. Christopher also joins the cast as a main character in the second season.

Просмотров: 512 | Добавил: chriseccleston | Дата: 2007-09-09 | Комментарии (0)

"Season Two spoilers
Expect lots of Samurai Hiro, expect Christopher Eccleston to return and, for some reason, Eric Morecambe seems to have joined the cast. Well, that's what it looked like to me."
Я боюсь верить..т.к. очень горько разачаровываться!
Просмотров: 602 | Добавил: chriseccleston | Дата: 2007-09-09 | Комментарии (0)

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